LISTEN: The Boombox Poets – EP

There is rap and there is rock in Louisville, but seldom is there a blending of the too as dedicated to that blend than the Boombox Poets. There is a southern drawl to the vocals here, made most manifest in the vocals, that gives it a kind of dirty south vibe at times. Alongside that there is a soft sung vocal thing going on that gives this a classic kind of Nu Metal thing. It’s not a thing that I usually grind to or anything, but they’re doing what they do and it’s slick as that. This is a little more Linkin Park and a lot less Judgment Night soundtrack, which is where I left off, but that’s cool. This is either symptomatic of an early-aughts rival, or maybe just the next evolution of such.

You can listen below and consider picking it up at iTunes, Amazon Music, or by streaming it on Spotify. Proceeds go to The Healing Place to help battle substance abuse, which is a cause I think anyone can get behind unless you’re just a jerk or something. Get out of here with all that noise.