LISTEN: Joann + The Dakota – “Welcome to Hollywood + Vine”

Over the last year or so, Joann + The Dakota have quickly made a reputation as a must-see Louisville band as they continue to put on soulfully energergized performances one after the other. To capture the spirit of their fantastic live shows, the band recently released a 4-song EP called Welcome to Hollywood + Vine that was recorded live on stage at The New Vintage on 3/29/16 and mixed by Dead Bird Studios.

Though I enjoy all four songs, my personal favorite song is “Breath”, a slow building number that showcases Joann’s emotional range as a vocalist and songwriter. Watch a video below of the live performance of this song used for this recording (watch all four songs here), then listen to the live EP in its entirety below:

Listen to Welcome to Hollywood + Vine below:

WORTH MENTIONING: The band plans to record an EP this November and plan to release it early 2017. In the mean time they have a few shows lined up; visit their Facebook page to keep up with J+TD news.