LISTEN: Halycon – “1932”

Are you ready to get mild? I know I am, but real talk: I’m pretty much always ready for that. Halycon has you covered on this front too, although I couldn’t tell you if they want to take the same ride down the eternal lazy river that I do. These are some sleepy beats, synth heavy, and ripe for words like “atmospheric” or “ephemeral.” Inexplicably they include here an ambient cover of Hotel California, by who in my opinion may be one of the worst bands to ever assault my ears. I’m coming for you Don Henley. It merits mention though, not as a vehicle to vent my Eagles fueled rage, but to illustrate how masterfully they pull off their compositions; even this hater can find something to appreciate in their cover.

Listen below and taste the rainbow. For fans of Horn of Plenty-era Grizzly Bear or Boards of Canada.