BECAUSE YOU MISSED IT: PRFBBQLOU ’16 was awesomely loud and brain rattling!

War Brides melting ear drums at PRFBBQLOU

Originally PRFBBQ Fest was formed as a punk/indie rock showcase in Chicago half a decade ago, and since its inception the event has taken place in a number of other cities including New York, Austin and Oakland. Last year, Louisville was lucky enough to host its own rendition boasting a collection of hometown bands combined with with a nice, diverse roster of out-of-town acts. I had a fuckin’ blast at last year’s go-around, so naturally I was excited to check out the second PRFBBQLOU.

Due to other plans (work, dog sitting, Days of the Dead, etc.), I was unable to make it Thursday or Friday, but based on a few pictures and videos I saw on social media it was clear that bands were slaying and folks were having a great time. I arrived to The Cure Lounge early Saturday afternoon and immediately bought a beer and sat at the bar to watch a bit of the Houston/Oklahoma football game. I had apparently arrived in between bands, but knew that Chicago’s War Brides (a band I was stoked to see) was performing next. I knew my time at PRF would be limited due to other obligations but was excited to watch these fellas as they had been a main attraction for me going in to the festival. They delivered a loud-as-fuck, brain rattling set that left me running to their merch table ready to purchase their record as well as a t-shirt, a button, and a sticker. Consider me a super fan.

The next band I watched was Atlanta’s Pretty Please, a band I knew nothing about but quickly became affectionate for their retro Bleach-era Nirvana vibe. Watch a video I took of these dudes performing below:

The last band I had the pleasure of watching was Milwaukee’s IfIHadAHiFi at the main stage who played a sort of slacker indie rock that sounded like a cross between The Replacements and early Green Day with a twinge of The Promise Ring. I wanted to get a picture and/or video of their performance but was unable due to the pressing darkness of the room. They were fucking great, nevertheless.

Regrettably I had to leave afterward to tend to a grand total of five dogs, two cats, and an African Gray parrot (house sitting for my girlfriend’s parents). The next day (Sunday) was spent mostly with those animals, except for a few hours at the Days of the Dead horror convention.

My two-and-a-half hour stay at PRF, while short-lived was fucking splendid. Elliott Turton and his cast of worker bees were in the midst of putting on a precisely run event (as usual) that stayed on time and sounded great. That should come as no surprise as last year’s event happened the same way. Hopefully next year PRF returns to Louisville and my lady’s parents aren’t out of town so I can spend more time crushing beer cans over my head while gleefully destroying my eardrums.