LISTEN: Noo$e & Jack Harlow – “No”

A few days ago, Jack Harlow popped up as a feature on a new single from Virginia producer/emcee Noo$e called “No”. Before giving this a listen, I was completely unaware of Noo$e, but considering my affection for Harlow and his continued evolution of dopeness I felt obligated to check this track out. The beat is comprised of a low key snare and machine gun high hat combination with what sounds like a futuristic synthesizer. Noo$e’s verse seems to be heavily influenced by Drake, and he handles himself well.

Harlow steps in at the 2:06 mark and proceeds to spit a few bars about having sex with older women, being good at fucking, and a percieved lack of respect, quickly summing up the majority of themes he’s rhymed about in the past. While the subject matter has become a bit redundant for this guy, I can’t help myself from carefully paying complete attention to his clever wordplay and confident delivery. He continues to get better and better as evidenced on this short, but awesome sample.

What sucks is that just like most artists that exclusively put their music on Soundcloud, I’m left aimlessly searching for ways to download/purchase this song. And as usual, this expedition ends up emptyhanded, as I can’t find any trace of this hot track outside of the SC platform. This practice is so confusing to me; it seems that logically you’d want people that like your music to have the easiest avenue to attaining your catalogue considering how simple it is to make that happen in 2016 (hello Bandcamp). Whatever.

This track is a good time, and I suggest you give it a listen below: