LISTEN: Joan Shelley – “Cost of the Cold” & “Here and Whole”

Singer/songwriter Joan Shelley has returned with a seven-inch record that boasts a pair of most excellent new songs. This release serves as her first recorded music (to my knowledge) since last year’s outstanding Over and Even record. After a few listens, it sounds as if Joan is staying the course as these two songs seemingly pick up right where she left off.

“Cost of the Cold” is an easy going track composed of expertly crafted acoustic fingerpicking riffs and graceful vocal melodies. “Hear and Whole” is more of the same but adds some warm, soothing dobro to further add to the welcoming atmosphere that Shelley has continued to maintain over the years. Her unwavering, beautiful voice is the main attraction as usual, but it’s certainly worth mentioning how good the instrumentation and production on these songs are. There’s an affable vibe emitted on these songs that I find to be enchanting.

The vinyl release is scheduled to officially hit the streets September 2 (tomorrow!) via No Quarter Records, but if physical media ain’t your thing, or if you just incredibly fucking impatient, you can purchase the songs digitally here.

Listen to “Cost of the Cold” and “Here and Whole” below:

WORTH MENTIONING: It is my understanding that Joan Shelley will enter the studio in late 2016 to record a new LP (hell yes!), but until then she’ll be on tour with Wilco and Patty Griffin with headlining dates in between. Go here for details.