LISTEN: Papa M – “Walking on Coronado”

It’s been a big week for Slint alumni, first with singer Brian McMahan taking down hater of the poor and in need and full-time Wu-Tang Clan villain Martin Skhreli, and now we have the news of a new Papa M album and a brand new single to boot. Glory glory. The track is instrumental and entirely pleasant, the kind of life affirming number that leaves you in a better place for having listened to it. Pajo’s output has been sparse lately, or at least to my knowledge, so it’s nice to hear him back at it. This is a chilled out number of the variety that makes you want to rock some shades, drink something with a tiny umbrella in it, and just float in a pool somewhere, a mild breeze that’s just right in the distance.

It’s hard to ever really identify anyone’s motivations or where they are in life, but his bad times have been very public lately, and while no one here has any interest in revisiting those times, it’s worth mentioning only in the therapeutic nature of this song. Is that his intentions? Is art being used as therapy here? I can’t speak for the artist, but as a listener, it’s easy to just soak in this and let it reflect your own experiences, whether that’s a sounding board for your anxiety or grief, or as a soundtrack to your relaxation. Whatever the case, the world is a better place with his art in the world, and I welcome the thought of more.

Listen below and get into it.