LISTEN: The Family Secret – “Death Do Us Part” b/w “Outlaw”

We seldom cover country music here, myself in particular, but when something is solid, it’s solid. This is classic country or least comparably so when compared to the bullshit on the radio, although that’s a low bar. I know nothing about The Family Secret, but am absolutely fine with my Harold Bloom style of criticism here, which is text (or tunes as it were) only. What the music tells me is that the band privilege that kind of country/americana rock thing that sounds like you’d bang it out on a porch. Death Do Us Part has a definite sweetness to it, but never seems overly saccharine, which is definitely how I hear modern culture (boo, his); this never sounds like a damned Hallmark Card.

The second track, Outlaw, pays tribute to outlaw country superstars like Willie Nelson or Johnny Cash. Hell, there’s even plenty of Kenny Rogers in here and that’s pre-face melting or whatever homie went with. It’s good times and makes you want some brown liquor and a nice breeze, maybe somebody to squeeze. Or maybe that’s just my childhood talking. It wasn’t all just lasers and super flight.

Listen below and get into it. These are just the lead singles off the record, so keep your ears peeled (GROSS) for more to come.