LISTEN: Harpy – “Horrible Noise”

Hi there. Did you want to weird out your co-workers today? You are in luck then, because Harpy has that special something to make everyone around you think that you’re a witch. Terrify the office or the people on the bus -someone crowded though for sure- with what can only be described as the horrifying sounds of someone or something in hell, which is surely what happened here. Did Harpy hand a mic to Satan and tell him to come up with a mixtape? I think so, and you should too. Whatever the case, this is exactly the kind of thing you play on your porch at Halloween so that you can scare away the kids and keep all the candy, and it’s awesome.

Get your freak on below and blast this at frat parties for extra points. Get weird or go home with approximately 18 minutes of ambient sound collage tracks designed to blow the minds of squares.