LISTEN: Twin Sister Radio – “I Want Sugar” & “HEY!”

After a few lineup changes, Twin Sister Radio are at last ready to present their first recorded music as a full band. Their debut comes in the form of a cassette single (or cassingle, we still say that, right?) that features a pair of tracks: “I Want Sugar” and “HEY!”. Both are expertly crafted rock songs that seem to be heavily influenced by early new wave. After hitting play, I immediately felt both a strong resemblance to the stronger work from Adrian Belew, particularly his Lone Rhino record. I’m also sensing a heavy influence from early Talking Heads, an inspiration that Twin Sister Radio seems to wear proudly on its sleeve.

I’m not sure if this new noise serves as a precursor to a full length record or EP, but I can easily say that I’m personally stoked to see where these folks are headed.  Listen to the two songs from their new cassingle below, then head over to Modern Cult Records to pick up your own personal copy.