LISTEN: Wynton Kelly Stone Guess – “Sinking Through Midnight: A Monodrama”

Sometimes when you dig through your box of chocolate you’ll run across that rare, fire ass raspberry or orange creme piece. When you get to it, you’re like, “Oh shit, wuz good fam?!” The Never-Nervous inbox is sort of like that box of chocolates. Tons of good ones, hell even phenomenal ones, but what’s good with that raspberry creme jawn though?? Enter British artist Wynton Kelly Stone Guess. Louisville hip hop aficianados may recognize the last name Guess, as in Daniel Guess…you know… as in Goodbar, former Skyscraper Stereo artist and arguably Louisville’s pound for pound top lyricist. Apparently talent runs in the family. ‘Sinking Through Midnight,’ is mood music supreme. At times a surreal feeling of madness a la tinges of Flying Lotus (Falling Through) and other times distorted raps over unorthodox sounds (Metamorphosis), this is an instrumental journey that in my (perhaps biased) mind feels similar to reading a dark Edgar Allen Poe story. Take the adventure below.