WATCH: Dr. Dundiff. & Friends – State Of The Art Remix feat. Jim James

Pictured above: Can you see us? Can you see us?

It’s Friday and shit is so fly. It’s the freaking weekend, which I write and then regret, because oh… R. Kelly don’t ruin my day. It’s easy to ride this week out on top though, what with the video for the State of The Art Remix finally hitting the internet and just today, courtesy of our arch enemies at Consequence of Sound. This video is described as containing every emcee in Louisville hip-hop, which is a sweet sentiment, if more than a little off base. That said, it does definitely contain some talent, including Touch AC, my dudes in Shadowpact, all of Skyscraper Stereo, Jalin Lindsey, 1200, Space Duck, Nacirema, Nightmare the Rusty Robot, Jack Harlow, Kogan Dumb, Bonez, Rmllw2llz, and the good Dr. Dundiff, and of course emcee Jim James of some band named My Morning Jacket. I know, I know. Never heard of them either.

It’s a boss hog way to close out the week and most def a baller way to kick out it out of the office. If you can rock this in the car or on headphones, know that doing so will result in you looking fresh af, the envy of your peers. Get into it at the link above and see if you can spot Phil Olympia or myself, both of which are hiding somewhere in that video. Dig it!

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  • August 12, 2016 at 9:41 pm

    Did that guy just say "jesus titty fucking christ"? lol

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