ASK ALLEN POE: Wisdom on Old Folks, Aging, and Top Beach Boppers!

It’s that time again for your dude Allen Poe to give you the A’s to those burning Q’s, which while we’re on it, you might want to have checked out. Read his wisdom below and pick up his new album with Teck-Zilla, Lightbulb Over My Head While I’m Thinking, that was just shouted out by The Source. You read that right. Our homie will sign autographs for a nominal fee. If you have some tasty Q’s you need A’d holler at us at or hit us up on twitter @NeverNervous43.

Out of Touch Coworkers

Dear Allen Poe,
    So I started a new job I really like that makes decent pay, the only downside is the people I work with are all old white men, that barely speak and have no idea what an uber is. My question is how do I talk to these dudes and break the silence.

Dear out of touch coworkers,
    May greetings and blessings be upon you beloved. An ancient Tunisian proverb says, “You can’t squeeze water from a stone.” How that bears directly on your situation is unclear. What is clear is these old flaw bois need to understand the workplace had better be lit at 8 am Monday morning or it’ll be some smoke in tha muthafuckin city. Basically I dunno an answer, try giving a hearty hi five dailey and an occasional thumbs up. Sounds like that might be the ceiling as far as socializing with them goes.

Too Old For This Shit

Dear Allen Poe,
    Need your opinion, what is the appropriate age for a hip hop producer to drop the alias and just start making instrumental music? Asking for a friend. Thanks in advance.

Dear too old for this shit,
    Dr. Dre was 50 on the AARP cover and he’s still going…sort of. It’s up to how you feel. If you think there’s an age you ought to cut out seemingly ‘young folk’ ways, then that’s what you gotta go with.

Beach Bumps

Dear AllenPoe,
    In a few weeks, I’m going to the beach for a week-long vacation.. Please recommend three songs I should add to my beach-side playlist!

Dear beach bumps,
     1. Trap Adams ft. PlaycoldNo Explain
     2. Missy ElliottThe Rain
     3. Smashing PumpkinsObscured

“‘A random ass iPod playlist brings good good fortune’ – ancient Peruvian proverb.”