REVIEW: Trap Adams – “Attractive Women”

Trap Adams
Attractive Women

Marc Adams took on the moniker Trap Adams at some point in the last few years, since then he has metamorphed into one of Louisville’s best kept secrets. Last year he dropped the single “Attractive Women,” which built up a buzz that you couldn’t help but notice. When you listened to Trap’s new wave of music you understood why he was buzzing. The title of the single became the title of the full length, a smart move given how much traction was built off the name. ‘Attractive Women,’ is a mix of ambient backdrops, subtle yet catchy melodies, a sprinkling of unexpected 90s samples and an open invitation into Trap’s (broken?) heart.

The intro opens with some humorous quips about having a flow. The 50’s sounding speaker and educational school video-esque skit comes crashing down as Trap opens up with his hardest song on the project. The tone descendos from the keyed up “T R A P A D A M S” chanting, into the fluttering keys and DIP sample . Certain 90s samples are in heavy right now but not all of it seemed accessible, that is until you hear how Trap makes joints from The Spice Girls and Freak Nasty work for him. Cuts like “Chump Season,” “Blossom,” “Attractive Women,” “No Explain,” and “Drugs Wishoushu,” are where Trap thrives. Here his vunerability is strength. Being so open about his wants, relationship woes and dreams allows you to vicarioisly reflect inside of your own situation. To stop there is to sell short the growth of Trap’s versatility. If we left the high points to his ambient, trap-soul this would be one of the most solid sad boi records ever, but he adds some other wrinkles that also work. “Scared To See Who Fucks With Me,” is an unapologetic record on the whimsical nature of the rise and fall all artists go through, when you’re up you’re up and when you’re down you’re down. Kogan Dumb brings an edginess here that adds an exclamation to Trap’s point.
Another boost to the record are all the features: Bonez, Playcold, Otis Junior, Dave., Kogan Dumb, Fiji and Cibo all seem to fit the purpose Trap called on them for. 
This project just fucking works on so many levels for me and I am genuinely happy to see Trap’s coming of age as an artist with a solid footing in his own lane. Listen to Attractive Women below: