LISTEN: Carl Daniel – “Acoustic Carl”

I think this is the second Silver Jews reference I’ll make today, but here we are: if you like that stuff get a load of the new jam from Carl Daniel. As advertised this is an acoustic affair, but strays from any kind of folk roots, at least to my ear, which seems part and parcel with that kind of qualifier. I mean, typically when I think of someone announcing to the world that this is part of their acoustic set, I think of a folkified MTV Unplugged type of thing. Think Nirvana, but with less cellos and no Dave Grohl. That’s what it sounds like in my head to go big on the acoustic bits.

But Carl Daniel knows what’s up. This is as chill as you’d expect, and twice as nice. The guitar work here is simple, but effective; it wouldn’t work to have serious shreds here, no matter what Yngwie Malmsteen would have you believe. It’s got that chunky lo-fi vibe of a nice Elliott Smith song, but filtered through Daniel’s quivering baroque. It’s that uncertain quality to his voice that’s so appealing, almost like an every man approach that makes it seem reproducible and relatable, and it works well here, especially as coupled with whomever is singing the lovely backing vocals. 
It’s a nice and easy jam for a nice and easy day. Probably a Sunday after you’ve had breakfast when you’ve got nothing else to do that day. It’s like that. Check it out below and get into it.