WATCH: Black Birds of Paradise – “Walk Before You Run”

Do you remember those Davey and Goliath claymation cartoons that your parents would force you to watch as punishment on the Trinity Broadcasting Network? Or do you remember that super dope Radiohead video that just dropped like a month ago that got the band sued? Well, the Black Birds of Paradise do and they added their own awesome stamp on the genre that made Gumby the super star that he is today (editor’s note: of course there is a Gumby Wiki). Is it righteous? Absolutely. Duh. Doy. It’s fantastic. The video is perfect and the music that it accompanies is, as you might have already guessed, equally so.

This is a simple video, although that comment is certainly not directed at any work put into pulling this off; claymation is difficult no doubt. There is a vague eastern vibe to the music, at least in the sense that the scale seems a little different and repetitive. It’s very trance like in that sense, with the guitars coming off with a very sitar feel, and an unconventional droney feel to the composition. It definitely adds up with the imagery to one weird spectacle and definitely one worth your time to check out.

Watch below and nominate whoever did this for an award however that may manifest. Get into it.