LISTEN: Allen Poe – “Incandescent” ft. Hannibal King

Our boy Allen Poe has a new single out and it’s our mission to get the word out on it. Are we objective about this? Probably not. He’s a friend and a boss rapper, but then we’ve all felt that latter bit since long before he contributed to this here blog. Holding down the opening versus, Poe trades off with Hannibal King, two emcees perfectly complimentary to one another. Where Poe has that chill baroque deliver, an icy cool that let’s you know what’s up, King has a wilder, more manic tone that really balances it out. They split the rhyme duties evenly, with Poe picking up the first half and King tackling the second bits, so I guess spoiler alert if you aren’t currently listening.

I’m told the beat is by a Nigerian producer, and I hope that’s true. And I hope that dude is a prince (I mean, he is when it comes to production) and that Poe picked this hot tip up from an email urging him to send some cash, but mainly because I want to believe in those hundred dolla bills, y’all. This is a dope beat whatever the case, and ideal for what Poe and King have cooked up. If this doesn’t make you want to bounce while you’re listening, I don’t know what to tell you. Frankly, I don’t know why I’d want to tell you anything if this doesn’t make you want to grind a little. Jeez.

Listen below and get into it.