LISTEN: IPCUS Pinecone – s/t

The brainchild of Villebillies emcee Demi Demaree, I wasn’t quite certain what to expect. The music here definitely skews a little more mainstream than I typically get into, but that’s not to say that it’s without it’s merit. In fact, I would draw favorable comparisons between a pretty disparate set of influences including Outkast (you can’t tell me Demaree doesn’t have an Andre 3000 lilt to his voice on the opening track), Bone Thugs N Harmony, and Nine Inch Nails, if only for the grittier industrial style production that pops up on a few of the tracks. It’s an interesting mix that you can easily imagine satisfying in a live setting and definitely worth consideration.

You can listen below and get geared up for some particularly angular, dirty south style vocals. It’s got an easy pop appeal that grows on you as you listen, and stands apart from a lot of the other hip-hop going on in town, at least inasmuch as I’m familiar.