LISTEN: Temulent ft. Sloe Pink – “Death Peddler”

I didn’t expect to hear anything out of Louisville maybe ever that sounded like The Prodigy or Aphex Twin, but here we are. Hell, I didn’t even realize that either of my two references had any simularities until I thought about this song and that song; who knew. My ignorance to the genre will definitely shine through here, but what Temulent does, at least on this track, has a drum and bass vibe that digs deep into elements of happy hardcore or dancehall, but with a darker edge. It’s that kind of incessant club beat that seems to never end, with the drum leading the procession in a rigid and unbending fashion, but the sort that might be played during a chase scene involving hover cars, lasers, and sick shades. So there is a cyberpunk element here that would make William Gibson blush.

And Sloe Pink gets into it. His verse is fits perfectly into the music, with a staccato flow and close harmonies, at least insomuch as hip-hop invests in such. This is all to say that he has a mechanical delivery ideal for the proceedings, like a Terminator rapping hard with Skynet dropping beats. It’s a fun track and something wholly unexpected regionally, at least so far as I’ve ever heard. Listen below and feel like you’re in a video game already.