BECAUSE YOU MISSED IT: Joann Jene tells you about Frontier Ruckus show at The Living Room Series 7/21

Have you ever been so in love with a band that the mere thought of seeing them play live gives you an immediate adrenaline rush? And then the night comes where you actually get to see them live AND you’re sitting like a mere three feet from them — How does that feel? It feels freaking phenomenal, that’s how it feels!!!
I have been a fan of Detroit, Michigan’s Frontier Ruckus about seven years now and I have seen them many times, but there is something about seeing them in a stripped down setting that is just so damn magical. That’s why I was THRILLED when I found out they were playing The Living Room Series for the second time!
Frontier Ruckus was actually the first band to ever play The Living Room Series so it was a cool kind of full circle thing to be back again. My beautiful bandmate Megan, our absolutely wonderful and gorgeous-haired friends Ashley and Erin and I, along with our friend Tim, got there nice and early and were able to get the same spot that Megan and I got when they played there before — right up front and over to the side — a spot where one is able to rock the hell out without getting in anyone’s way too much.
Dusty Segretto is the host of The Living Room Series, which is held at his house in his – you guessed it – living room — Ding ding ding! He really is such a warm, friendly person and he always makes the most delicious food for the attendees! 
The air felt warm and electric as we ascended up Dusty’s stairs to his porch, which was covered in beer coolers of multiple shapes and sizes – one of my favorite things about house shows and one of my favorite parts of summer! Dusty, who is truly the most gracious host, welcomed us and showed us where the food was – an elaborate spread of his legendary carnitas, fajita veggies, rice and every kind of topping you could want.
Everyone mingled around, talking to the band and checking out the pinball machines that have been added since the last time we were there. Soon after, everyone took their seats and those standing took their places in the back and then it was showtime! The house was literally PACKED! The mesmerizing Anna Burch opened the show, playing a few songs and singing so beautifully – after hearing her sing harmonies for so many years (and she has some of my favorite harmonies of all time) it was so cool to hear her sing and play by herself. Her voice is so sweet and she exudes pure joy when she does it.
Then it was time for Frontier Ruckus and my friends were all laughing at me because I get such intense adrenaline rushes when I see them that I have to squeeze my hands together as tight as I can to keep from acting like a complete maniac. They started the show with the song Mona and Emmy, which I love so much, and from there they covered some more of their older fan favorites and some new ones, which blew me away, making me so excited for the new album!!! During one of the new songs, called 27 dollars, the band asked everyone to take cellphone video so that a video can be edited together and I am also looking forward to that!
I have said it before and I will say it forever – in my opinion, Matthew Milia is one of the most incredible singer-songwriters on the planet. The way his mind works and the way he writes lyrics is so uniquely him that he creates a world all his own that we are all just lucky enough to be allowed to visit! David Jones, who has been playing music with Matthew for many years, is hands down my favorite banjo player I’ve ever heard. His playing is so smooth and he is so damn cool and fun to watch! Zach Nichols always gets a lot of attention during shows since he switches between so many instruments, ranging from a trumpet to a saw. It wasn’t until a few years after I first saw the band that Anna started touring with them. She always sang harmonies on the albums, but to finally hear it live still brings tears to my eyes! They truly are some of the kindest, funniest, unique and talented human beings I have had the pleasure of knowing!
At all their shows, the band plays a few songs acoustically out in the audience and I think for anyone who has ever seen them live, it is one of the coolest parts. So to see an entire performance in that setting, with no mics or anything, is just incredible! I loved every song they played but if I had to pick a couple as my favorite in such a unique setting I would choose Silverfishes and Nerves of the Nightmind for two reasons – 1. They are two of my favorite songs, and 2. They are two songs that I can sing harmonies with pretty loudly without people getting annoyed, since it is a quieter setting, ha!
If you have never listened to Frontier Ruckus I HIGHLY recommend you do it right now, and I personally recommend you listen to the album Deadmalls andNightfalls first – I say this because it was the first album that I listened to and it drew me in so far I refuse to ever come back out again!
I also HIGHLY recommend seeing a show at The Living Room Series – it really is so spectacularly different than any other venue in town and I guarantee you will meet amazing people, make new friends, hear incredible music, eat delicious food (which is included with the price of admission) and it’s freaking BYOB, so yeah, it doesn’t get much better than that!
Thank you for reading, I love you Louisville!