INTERVIEW: Kyle David of Sons of Silverton on Louisville’s Hip Hop Scene and Cincinnati Chilli!

Tonight at Headliners RMLLW2LLZ is having his record release show also featuring Otis Junior and Sons of Silverton out of Cincinnati. I happen to know the guys in Sons of Silverton really well, and I hear secrets don’t make friends so I reached out to Kyle David of the SOS to give you the scoop on what they are all about. I know Louisville is a city that loves old school hip hop with fun vibes and that is what these dudes personify.

Check out our conversation and listen to the first single “Good to Go” from their forthcoming record, Or Forever Hold Your Peace below.

NN: You have an interesting history, can you give us the scoop on what you have done in the business?

Kyle David: I started rapping professionally in 1996 with a group called Five Deez. We were signed to a Berlin based labeled called K7! Records as well as BBE/Rapster. That lasted until about 2006 when everyone went their separate ways and began working on solo material. CITOAK and I had known each other since the late 90’s and regrouped through a mutual friend, DJ Nate the Great. We decided it was time for us to collaborate and started recording together in 2012.

NN: As Cincinnati artist coming into Louisville’s hip hop scene, what is your impression of it?

KD: I love the Louisville Hip Hop scene.  It seems to be very established and uniform. I notice a lot of love for artists when we’re in the Ville. Dope beats and rhymes.. You can’t ask for much more! Shout out to all the dope independent artists out of the 502. RMLLW2LLZ, Dom B, WIP, Goodbar, 1200, Dr. Dundiff…the scene seems to be growing and has some strong talent on deck as well.

“I notice a lot of love for artists when we’re in the Ville. Dope beats and rhymes.. You can’t ask for much more!”

NN: What kind of vibe do you expect people to have when they listen to your music?

KD: I expect a mid 90’s vibe, definitely Hip Hop but more mature. It’s a throwback to an era of more substance, less trap.

SOS music will be available at iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, all the online digital retailers. Right now, you can check out our first single, Good To Go at Our forthcoming album is titled Or Forever Hold Your Peace. Basically, it’s shit or get off the pot! Citoak and I are getting old and ain’t nobody got time for that…

NN: Who’s your biggest influence in music?

KD: Bigger influences in my music would be Stevie Wonder, Chuck D, A Tribe Called Quest, Charlie Wilson, Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam, and the creators of Kidz Bop. Don’t fuckin’ judge me!

NN: What music is getting you excited recently?

KD: I get excited when I hear porn music… Other than that, Schoolboy Q, Quiet Hollers, Blink 182, This Drake/Joe Budden battle is pretty fucking enticing, and the lovely melody of my 7 year old daughter covering Sorry by Beyoncé.

NN: What’s better, Cincinnati Chili or a Kentucky Hot Brown? Don’t mess this one up!

KD: Cincinnati Chili is only better in Cincinnati, in front of a Cincinnati crowd. Other than that, Kentucky Hot Brown, hands down son!