INTERVIEW: RMLLW2LLZ on the origin of his name, the release of “Nu Growf” and how to get your tracks on the Radio!

RMLLW2LLZ (also known as Romell Weaver) is a busy dude that stays involved in Louisville’s hip hop scene.  Aside from being at just about every show I go to he also manages to host a radio show,  he’s continued to regularly release new music of his own, and he tours from time to time.  Speaking of new noise, he plans to release a new EP called Nu Growf this week.  His latest effort is scheduled to hit the streets this Saturday, July 23rd; Peep a track from the upcoming album titled “Keep the Faith” below:

A release show is set to happen at Headliners the same day as the album’s release (7/23) and will feature some excellent opening acts in Otis Junior and Sons of Silverton. In anticipation of this dope show that I will most certainly be at this weekend, I caught up with RMLLW2LLZ to get the scoop on the record.

NN: Did a lot of people spell your name with one “L” before?

RMLLW2LLZ: LOL… the million dollar question…Yeah..R-O-M-E-L-L is my spelling. There were four in my home city so that’s how i distinguished myself, but it didn’t stick till later when I wrote it as a lyric in a record I wrote called Beyond Great. That’s how I opened the song, “It’s Romell with two l’s so you can keep ya (bleep) suckers off mine”.
The rest is history.

NN: Yout new album is dropping the 23rd, how long have you been working on it?

R: Nu Growf is a very collaborative project from front to back. We spent time building before we spent time building. We had a few conversations about the project before it actually went into production. All in all I’ve had the tracks for a little longer then a year and i started writing to them in May of this year.

“Nu Growf represents a ressurection. The rebirth of a classic sound and me getting back to expressing myself.”

NN: What is “Nu Growf”? What does the title mean to you?

R: Nu Growf represents a ressurection. The rebirth of a classic sound and me getting back to expressing myself. Reconnecting to the root of why we do this in the first place. To be a voice for those without.

NN: What producers did you work with on this album? Were they local or national?

R: Every bit of this EP is locally produced. I worked with some good friends of mine from Lexington, KY that go by the name Re-Education Camp. Jon “DSV1 Jon EG” Gore and Zack “Z” Messick are the names of the fine gentlemen that make up this nucleus. They produced each and every track and even put the skit at the beginning together.

Every emcee is home grown: Eons D, Otis Junior, Pronoun, Sasha Renee, Sincere, and GoodBar. I think that makes for a pretty nice collaborative effort. That was was a great deal of musical genius on one word. It was all recorded mixed and mastered at Framehouse Recording Studio by my man Sean Framesdanco Thomas. And one time for Ashley Cathey for the cover art! That was clutch!
See, the collaboration was real.

“Every emcee on Nu Growf is home grown: Eons D, Otis Junior, Pronoun, Sasha Renee, Sincere, and GoodBar. I think that makes for a pretty nice collaborative effort.”

NN: I know you do some radio DJ work on the side. Where at? What time? How’s it going for you?

R: I do, I do. Let me correct that, we do. My long time friend and official dj, DJ DS and I have a radio show on 97.1FM WXOX Louisville (ARTxFM). It’s for those of you not in the Louisville area. We are I and Eye Radio every Tuesday night 10pm until midnight.  Make sure you tune in for the best in local and undiscovered hip hop! We are having a blast with this radio project of ours. We’re still evolving but we know where we’re headed. Oh and if you’re a hip hop artist and you looking for airplay. submitt your music at

NN: Do you have anything special planned for your release show at Headliners?

R: Yeah man we have a couple tricks up or sleeves and that’s probably where I’m going to keep them. Everyone will just have to come out and

NN: What’s been your favorite local track so far in 2016?

R: My favorite track for 2016 is Otis Junior – “The 1”.