WATCH: I Have A Knife – “The Goblin King”

Prepare yourself for battle, nerds, because I Have A Knife have a new video and it’s gleefully heinous. Clocking in at two and a half minutes of blistering punk fury, The Goblin King is like the spirit of flipping tables and get rowdy. The narrative of the video follows the aforementioned Goblin King flying his freak flag all over town, burning things down, and freaking out squares, and it is glorious. This is the kind of thing that you listen to at work to make frighten your enemies by letting them know that you can’t be bothered to care. In doing so, you’re the Goblin King too, albeit probably one less apt to perpetrate drive by bicycle shootings and mass arson. But you know, it’s all pretty much the same.

Whoever made this video is a boss. Using stop motion, puppetry, and paper, the director of this video has made a horrifying nightmare realm where goblins get all stabby and gun happy and all the normals run away. Did you want paper blood and fire? You are in for a treat, good sir or madame, because that kind of thing is all the way on the table. Do you need demonic eyes in the sky or a burning downtown Louisville set to walls of distorted guitar and bass, plodding drums, and the mighty wail of Sean Garrison? Check. This perfectly encapsulates the madness of the music and it’s flawlessly awesome.

Watch it below and get into it.