LISTEN: Ghost Bomb – “Transpose”

Are you ready for some Ghost Bomb? A Tuesday afternoon party and soon it’s going to be an all day Friday party, when the newest Little Hearts Records comp drops on the 22nd. The comp features 25 bands or acts, including but not limited to Fast Friends, Shadowpact, Jacob Holz, Dick Titty Blood Punch, and more. I’ve said it before, but Little Heart has an amazing track record for fostering an inclusive community and this comp is proof positive.

So what is Ghost Bomb about? I tried for a minute to come up with something clever to say up top that might describe them and drew a blank. They certainly have a mainstream appeal, that kind of slick production that privileges visceral distortion, a bombastic rhythm section, and angsty vocals. The track was recorded by Jordan Puckett at One:twentyseven Studios, the composition here in particular is smooth and straightforward, which I posit as a good thing. You could imagine skating to this song, if you were so physically inclined (I am not), or lamenting bittersweet times of some way. It’s a weird dichotomy, but one that you’re familiar with if you’ve ever heard bands like Saves the Day or Taking Back Sunday, bands that feature soaring highs set to a minor key, with lyrics designed to sing along to.

Vocalist Blake Lockman has this to say, “While working on this new album we let go of all direction and just jammed, letting the music write itself. Transpose was the first song from those sessions and we couldn’t be happier with the sound. Heavy and haunting, this track is one of the coolest things I’ve ever been a part of musically and it has us so excited for all the songs that follow it.”

Check out the Never Nervous exclusive track below and get your copy of the comp today via pre-order. Or don’t and be a jerk.