Danny Brown performs at The Ocean Stage

I woke up Saturday morning with a spectacular hangover, but that didn’t stop me from getting out of bed early. After making breakfast and cleaning up my house a bit, I went to some yard sales then came home and did yard work. Suck it, headache! Eat shit, stomach pains! Maybe I was still high from the ridiculously awesome set from Bully the night before, but I was clearly up and at ’em with a positive attitude anxious to get back to Forecastle for day two.

WARNING: The shitty pictures you are about to encounter were all taken by me from my vantage point. If you want quality photography, go here.

The Shadowboxers perform at The WFPK Stage

On a whim, we decided to check out The Shadowboxers, a band that was described to me as “80’s pop”.  Good enough for me.  When we got to the WFPK stage, the judgmental, negative half of my brain started to write these guys off because of their douchey outfits and goofy haircuts.  I was ready to hate everything about them and their stupid pants.  Then they started playing, and the other half of my brain turned on: the “I love Prince and Michael Jackson” half.  I couldn’t look away as they danced their way through their fun-loving set that included a cover of Prince’s classic “Kiss”.  I have to say, these guys fucking rule, and I will absolutely be buying their record when it comes out. If you’re into 80’s dance and pop music, chances are you’ll love these guys, even if you think they look like assholes.

Danny Brown performs at The Ocean Stage

God damn, Danny Brown was amazing.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything quite like the performance he put on at the Ocean Stage.  His unique swagger and rambunctious energy fueled one of the baddest happenings I’ve ever been lucky enough to witness.  People were going bananas from start to finish as he played a number of personal favorites like “Smokin & Drinkin” and “25 Bucks”.  Throughout his energetic set I kept thinking to myself “this is the most punk rock thing I’ve seen in a long time.” If you missed out on this, I feel bad for ya, son.

Watch a video of Danny Brown performing below:

Next up on our agenda was Teddy Abrams and the Forecastle Orchestra, which to my understanding is a collection of Louisville musicians that were recruited by The Louisville Orchestra’s conductor to put on one epic performance.  After an introduction from Mayor Greg Fisher, the band erupted into an instrumental jam that I honestly wasn’t particularly into.  I can appreciate the musicianship and technicality of what they were doing, it just didn’t immediately resonate with me, and considering I hadn’t eaten lunch yet, it didn’t take much to convince me to leave the stage and get something to eat.  We got back to the WFPK stage just in time to see 1200 and James Lindsey aka Jalin Roze join Teddy Abrams on stage to perform “1200 Rozes“.  It was a good time.
Of all the bands on the Forecastle bill, Nothing were absolutely standouts in the sense that their brand of loud-as-fuck shoegaze isn’t exactly what you’d expect to see at a festival full of jam band-loving pseudo-hippies and fist pumping bro-dawgs. Nevertheless, I was stoked to see them, mostly because I love their latest record Tired Of Tomorrow.  They were awesomely loud as they plowed through their set full of both familiar tunes and new ones I’m anxious to learn more about.  In between songs, singer/guitarist Domenic Palermo would often mock the other bands playing; he knew they didn’t belong at Forecastle.   Hell, he introduced themselves as “Dr. Dog.”  I laughed.
Watch a video of Nothing performing below:


The last band I watched was garage rock four-piece All Them Witches.  I like their latest record Lightning At The Door quite a bit, so I was naturally excited to see them perform despite my aching feet and hungry stomach (I eat a lot, deal with it).  They were pretty good, although I wish the sound guy would have turned up the guitar a bit more; there were times that I couldn’t hear it at all despite the fact that the guitarist was clearly wailing.

Watch a video of All Them Witches performing below:


We left immediately after All Them Witches and retreated to Manny & Merle’s for some tacos and beers.  Afterward, we headed home to drink bourbon and listen to records, effectively putting a positive stamp on day two of Forecastle 2016.  On to day three!!