ASK ALLEN POE: Festivals, Fashion, and Getting Your Grub On!

Word to your mom. Or your dad. Or really anyone. The world is garbage, but your boy Allen Poe graces the scene here at Never Nervous to answer life’s many riddles. If you want As to your Qs email us at, tweet us @nevernervous43 or hit us up on Facialbook.

Summer Heat

Dear Allen Poe,
I’m going to be in the scorching summer heat all weekend, what’s the best way to stay cool at a festival?

Dear Summer Heat,
The best way to stay cool at a festival is get hammered to the point you fall out. That’s probably gonna get you into a medical facility of some sort which should happen to be air conditioned. That’s the best way in terms of cool temperatures. As long as you stay hydrated and catch some shade here and there, you’ll be straight. If you happen to be around for 1200‘s set at Forecastle, try to position yourself as close to that styrofoam mannequin head prop he always uses, that thing is cool as hell.

Fashion Help

Dear Allen Poe,
What should I wear to forecastle this weekend? Mini skirt or crop top?

Dear Fashion Help,
First of all, you have absolutely come to the correct guy for advice. When I’m not getting corrected by my 4 year old child for trying to leave the house looking a hot fucking mess, I am asking friends if I can borrow clothing to look presentable in video shoots and shows. The short answer is go naked as shit with nothing but a Pringles can covering you dong/vag and tell anyone who asks you’re preserving your freshness for the day you make it to Flavortown™. The short answer is also the long answer.


Dear Allen Poe,
What’s the best late night eatery in the city?

Dear Munchies,
Q’doba serves breakfast late nights. That’s really all there is to say. I mean hitting up Indies is always a good choice too.