LISTEN: Thaniel Ion Lee – “New Cosmic Horrors OST”

I have no idea what this is the soundtrack to other than my nightmares. The newest from visual and audio artist Thaniel Ion Lee is another in a series of drone ambient pieces that tap into some kind of primordial space in your brain. This is the kind of composition that haunts your subconscious, like some distant memory lost in the fog. There is a Lovecraftian vibe to the music here, with high drone that feels entirely unnatural and alien cutting in and out periodically in waves. It’s hard to say if it’s the name or the incredible artwork, but there is definitely a sense of dread here that evokes a new kind of horror, cosmic or otherwise.

You can listen to this below and absorb the cold din of the music like the summoning song that it is. Beware of what lurks in the dark.