The fourth rendition of Poorcastle Festival has now come and gone, and while I’m sad that it’s over, I can easily say that my heart is full of exuberant love and joy thanks to the annual event’s ability to radiate good vibrations and sensible positivity. Coming into this year’s three-day event, I wasn’t sure how the Poorcastle organizers could or would be able to manage the substantiate level of awesomeness of last year’s rendering of what has now become one of Louisville’s more relevant Summer music festivals.

It has been fun and interesting to watch this “mini fest” continue to grow and grow over the last few years, and if this weekend is any indication, it might have already outgrown itself. As usual, Poorcastle was hosted by Apocalypse Brew Works in their parking lot off of Mellwood Avenue, and as in year’s past this space proved to be the perfect location for the budding annual event which has continued to attract more and more people representing neighborhoods from all over Louisville.  I don’t know any of the specifics in regard to the number of people that made it out, but this has to be the biggest turnout this fest has seen.  By the time that the last few bands were going on Saturday night, the entire lot was completely full.  Having said that, if Poorcastle continues to grow, they might have to consider moving it to a spot that can allow more and more of us music loving alcoholics in to enjoy this now-annual event.  Anyway, on to my Poorcastle experience…

WARNING: Aside from the bands I’m about to mention, we were fortunate enough to watch a slew of other amazing bands, and I wish I had the time to tell you about my experience with all of them.  Unfortunately, I have to work in a few hours so that notion is bogus and out the window.  You understand, right?

I wasn’t able to make it on Friday due to work and other “adult” activities I was forced into enduring, but I was able to make it the other two days.  Early Saturday afternoon, Never Nervous-ite Jake and I were joined by my girlfriend Jenn and Quiet Hollers violinist Aaron West for a quick shot-and-a-beer before heading down to the Clifton neighborhood.  We arrived just in time to watch surf rock maestros Tsunami Samurai who immediately set the bar sky high for every other band/artist to perform afterward.  Seriously, these dudes are such a fucking good time; if you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing them perform, do yourself a favor and scope out their next show.  If you love Dick Dale and The Ventures, this noise will arouse you like nothing else.

Watch a video I took of Tsunami Samurai below:

As Saturday continued to wind down, we had the pleasure of watching a slew of bands including pop punk heroes Fast Friends and indie rock experts Satellite Twin, both of which brought the noise with a pair of most excellent sets. Luckily, I wasn’t overly inebriated at this point and was able to get video footage of both bands; watch below:

Saturday night was closed out with a special, yet unexpectedly rockin’ set from Twin Limb.. or umm.. ahem.. “Penelope Pocket Universe Featuring Gene’s Science Kit and Her Mom’s Diction. “At least that’s the name that was on the poster.   From what I understand, this performance was meant to be a surprise, and while I knew that the Twin Limb trio had something special planned, I wasn’t sure that I expected them to play a rockin’ set full of turned up renditions of their songs.  The band also switched out their instrumental set up; Lacey Guthrie exchanged her accordion for a keytar, MaryLiz Bender swapped her drums for an electric guitar, while Kevin Ratterman sat on the throne taking on all percussion responsibilities.

The result was a fucking blast, and while I was a bit worried that it’d be tough to recognize all of their songs in their new heavier interpretations, it was pretty easy to discern one from the next.  I should also mention how much I loved their otherworldly costumes and wacky props, it made the experience that much more fun and memorable.

I was able to get a video of the band performing their new version of “Don’t Even Think”; watch it below:


I woke up Sunday morning with a mild hangover, but that wasn’t going to stop me from getting my ass back up to Apocalypse, at least for a few hours.  After eating brunch at The Silver Dollar, I walked over just as the music started at 2:30.  I ordered a beer, and decided to get a serving of poutine from The Celtic Pig food truck.  After finishing my grub, I was able to watch a few more bands before leaving. I especially enjoyed the set from indie rock four-piece Modern State, a band I knew nothing about before this performance.  A few of their songs reminded a bit of a Two Door Cinema Club, especially the singer’s voice.  I’m anxious to find out more about these folks as they’ve successfully gotten my attention.

Watch a video I took of Modern State below:

As usual, Poorcastle was a fucking great time.  I met all sorts of interesting people, hung out with old friends, and drank a shit ton of delicious beer all while watching a few of Louisville’s finest bands and artists. The weather was mostly perfect, and from my vantage point everything seemed to go according to schedule. In closing, as a  Louisvillian, it’s truly a privilege to have an annual event like Poorcastle happening in my backyard, and I’m already looking forward to see what the organizers have in store for next year.  It’s also a pleasure to witness its continued growth and dedication to our community.  Thanks Poorcastle!

SPECIAL NOTE: Our thoughts and condolences go out to the friends and family of Greg Bryant, who after performing early Saturday with Electric Kites passed away later that evening.  He truly was one of the good ones, and will certainly be missed. Rest in peace.