LISTEN: R Boswell – “The Way That Goes”

Pictured above: So many bleeps to blop!

One half of the former (or maybe current) duo Norrin Radd, Robert Boswell makes some of the most compelling electro-pop out around,  a mellow and restrained exploration of sound and texture. The driving force behind his music is his voice, used again here for good effect, at least partially part of the sonic landscape. As a demo, you can tell that once the edges are smoothed over, that this is going to be an awesome track. The foundations are well in place as it is, with an excellent track replete with soft rhodes tones, lead synth lines, synth swells, and a solid back beat. It’s really cool to get to hear the evolution of a track, and to hear people in the process, and we’re lucky here at Never Nervous to get to report on how music happens in this city (or any city really).

You can listen below and draw your on conclusions on comparisons, because personally I’m coming up blank. I mean, you don’t literally have to draw, but it’d be pretty cool if you did. Please send them to if you do, because we love pictures. Bonus points if you draw a pony.