LISTEN: Twin Sister Radio – ARTFM WXOX Unsolicited Jingle 97.1

Were you wondering when Art+FM aka WXOX would get a call track? Listen no further than this dubbed out, Kraut rock track by the local mad geniuses in Twin Sister Radio. I can’t deny how absolutely catchy this song is for being essentially a minute and a half loop of the same thing on repeat. Billed here as unsolicited jingle, I think it’s important to get the message out there that maybe this should be considered, at least sometimes, for the radio. This would be a nice hourly play or something like that. Not that I’m trying to get into programming; the good folks at Art+FM have that covered excellently already, proof here by local artists bringing the goods just because they like the station. They are definitely inspirational, which is what the music/art thing is all about.

Listen below and feel it (feel it). We dare you not to get this stuck in your head.