WATCH: Jaye Jayle /// FULL SET live in Los Angeles 5/29

Normally I try to refrain from posting videos of bands that were shot by anyone that isn’t involved with Never Nervous, but in this case I had to make an exception.  A month or so ago (5/29/16), Cavis Tapes captured a full set from Jaye Jayle at Complex in Los Angeles, and the end product is fucking fantastic.  The video showcases the band playing the majority of songs from their latest record House Cricks and Other Reasons to Get Out, one of my personal favorite albums of the year as of yet.

Thankfully, this isn’t another video shot from someone’s iPhone, it is a professionally shot sequence with several camera angles, clever editing and superb quality of sound. Adding to that is that Jaye Jayle are absolutely captivating as a live band, which is evident throughout the picture.

Watch the video in its entirety below: