REVIEW: Dry Summers – “OIII”

Dry Summers
Sophomore Lounge

I can say with ease that Dry Summers are responsible for one of my favorite albums from 2015. From my vantage point, their debut Good Enough Is Great successfully blended a unique brand of jangly indie pop with subtle art rock riffs. The songs presented worked for me like a mashup of Real Estate and Television, a combination I can certainly endorse as I’ve maintained an appetite for this particular indie rock sub genre for quite a while now. Needless to say I was excited to hear that Dry Summers have returned with a new 6-song cassette titled OIII (which perhaps stands for Open II Interpretation judging by the cover art).

OIII opens up with “O Stormy,” an upbeat yet kind of somber tune that is sensibly decorated with what sounds like a glockenspiel. One of the first things I noticed about this album is that the vocals take a much more prominent role than heard before on their previous effort. This becomes evident on the next song “You Might Get Known” where Daniel Tilford’s enduring nasaly voice really takes center stage with a well-constructed catchy melody. Perhaps this revelation comes with a newfound confidence, as seems to happen with a lot of bands on their sophomore takes. The cassette closes out with “Open To Interpretation” which initially hits me as a dance-worthy surf rock tune with wild, manic vocals that make me think of Frank Black from The Pixies.

This probably wasn’t intentional, but for me the songs on OIII emanate a “beachy” vibe that makes me want to be outdoors beneath a cloudless sky near a body of water.  Whether it be a pool or the ocean, I can assure you that this music coupled with a cooler full of ice cold beer can only make your Summer experience better, making it easy for me to recommend it.

Listen to OIII below; purchase it here.