ASK ALLEN POE: Responses to your questions about Soundcloud, Racist Coworkers, and Jackin’ Popular Beats!

Peace be still children. The answers will reveal themselves to you in a column that was foretold by prophets from ancient times…behold #AskAllenPoe.

Jackin For Beats

Dear Allen Poe,
     What do you think about the trend of rappers rapping over the most popular beat at the time (Panda, Real Friends)?

Dear Jackin For Beats,
     I don’t have any problem with it as a fun exercise for an artist. I do feel like in order to establish yourself as an original artist you need to try your hand at your own songs that you construct from original music. Jackin’ popular beats has been done for a while and is still being done. Hip hop is built on taking other sounds and recreating them. I’m not implying rappers spitting over the beat of the month is akin to producers flipping samples, but in principle it’s in the same vein. It can be a crowded lane, but rhyme on rhymers, over whatever beat. fugg it.

Soundcloud vs Bandcamp

Dear Allen Poe,
     Why do so many rappers in Louisville stream their music on Soundcloud without any way of actually buying/downloading the songs? Isn’t Bandcamp a much more sensible option?  

Dear Soundcloud vs Bandcamp,
     This is the million dollar question that concerns artists and fans. Streaming is the future, but how to move in that new territory is intriguing. Bandcamp of course allows artists to monetize their product via streaming, downloads or selling merchandise, while soundcloud is only built for streaming (with ability to link to iTunes), but is unique in that it has a built in social component with followers, commenting on songs and allowing fans to make playlists from multiple artists. Soundcloud has/had built up a real community, first among musicians and then as a resource for fans. Artists are souring on Soundcloud as of late though given the major labels taking the platform over. While artists will choose their own path, a good approach might be posting singles to soundcloud and putting entire albums and catalogues in Bandcamp. Artists that engage their fans and understand how they consume music are ahead of the curve.

Racist Coworkers

Dear Allen Poe,
     When a coworker cleverly slides in a racial epithet into general every day conversation, how should I react? Should I pretend I didn’t hear it, or publicly expose this person as the disgusting neanderthal that he/she truly is?

Dear Racist Coworkers,
     Standing up for what is right believe important but context and how you go about doing it also matters. The main goal of confronting someone’s racist comments would be that there is a hope of changing their attitudes, even though the motivating factor to confront the attitude is probably anger. Racism is deep seated and learned, to be able to believe in it implies some degree for capacity of logical thought has been compromised. I’m not saying don’t be a factor for what is right, I am saying don’t expend energy and stress where it won’t be impactful. If you feel your coworker will change their behavior then let them know, if not talk to a boss or something…or me. Get em the fuck outta here.
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