REVIEW: Scuzz Master & DNK BDZ FMLY BND – Split Tape

Scuzz Master & DNK BDZ FMLY BND
Split Tape

I’m a sucker for rock ‘n’ roll, especially the kind that has the 90’s “I don’t give a fuck” vibe. There’s a lot of that on this split with Scuzz Master and DNK BDZ FMLY BND. Some of the tracks like “Air to Earth” by DNK BDZ are like a trip to a time when I didn’t have anything to worry about. It makes me want to watch some “Pete and Pete,” that’s the vibe I’m trying to describe.

Scuzz Master also flirt with a southern grunge feeling on this split with the song “Lupine.” It’s not too far of a departure from things we’ve heard from them before like their cover of “Christmas in Prison.” Still they rock hard on their next two tracks. I love the overall tone on this split, but something about what Scuzz Master does is just right. It’s like they really have mastered the scuzz. Their harmonies set these songs apart on a tape that doesn’t have a bad song.

If your looking for something to spark up a dank bud and go driving to, this split cassette is HIGHLY recommended. You can preview and purchase the album here.