LISTEN: Killii Killii – “I Believe In Rollerblading”

Indie rock technicians Killii Killii released their debut 5-song EP last month called I Believe In Rollerblading, and although we’re a bit late to the party on this happening, I’m fucking stoked to share it with you now (in case you haven’t heard it already).  The album is currently available physically on CD, and digitally at their Bandcamp page (buy them both here).

Killii Killii, which is made up of Dan Marshall (guitar/keys/vocals), Salena Filichia (bass/bocals) and Forrest Kuhn (drums/vocals), make genre-bending rock and roll that fuses post rock with progressive elements from the 70’s and 80’s, and maybe a twinge of poppiness, just for good measure.  After a few listens, my favorite song is “Bamboo” which initially hits like a heavier Tortoise track but halfway in turns into what sounds like something you’d hear from Wind & Wuthering era Genesis.  In other words, this noise is awesome!

Listen to I Believe in Rollerblading below: