LISTEN: We Have A Bevin Problem

Real talk: I wrote this whole first paragraph about what a joker our governor is, but it just bummed me out. I could rattle off a list of why this fella is a villain, but just look at this villainous sneer and tell me you can’t picture him drinking the tears of orphans as part of his ascension ritual or something. He looks like a cartoon bad guy, and while I’m not about to get on here and clown someone for how they look, homie has an ever growing list of ways that he’s out to crush our state that includes dismantling our successful health care system, massive cuts to education, tax incentives to bigoted religious organizations, and of course, trying to have Planned Parenthood closed. Dude has an approval rating that would make Palpatine seem reasonable, and is ranked as one of the worst governors in the United States. This guy is almost definitely preferable.

What brings great joy to my heart is hearing my community come together to show unity against this bozo. For ten bones you get 43 tracks from a variety of bands from all over the state. That money goes to support Planned Parenthood of Kentucky and Indiana and it’s awesome to see people come together to try and make a difference. This isn’t just about fundraising, this is about showing our elected officials that there actions have consequences and that the public is not behind them. Coming up with bands like Fugazi or Endpoint and zines like Brat or Punk Planet, I’m pretty stoked to see that trend continue. It doesn’t hurt that this comp is awesome.

Listen at the link below and consider donating for a good cause. Tell us your favorite in the comments. There are a lot of righteous options here, so plenty of top tunes to choose from.