LISTEN: Graffiti Bridge – “A Punk Rock Love Letter to the Music of Prince”

Louisville is home to many things that I’d consider to be overwhelmingly fucking awesome, but perhaps none in the same way of Graffiti Bridge, a homegrown punk rock tribute to Prince. Say what?  How’s that even possible?  I’m still not sure, because on paper that sounds like a horrible idea.  But judging by their recent 9-song album streaming on their Bandcamp page, I can easily tell you that it’s a fun listen.  Their rendition of “Controversy” plays out like a Misfits B-side from Static Age and their version of “Kiss” ends up sounding like a combination of fIREHOSE and the Sex Pistols, from my vantage point anyway.

Although these fellas had been at it for a while, they have recently called it quits playing their last show in May.  If you’re like me, you never had the chance to see them perform live, but that’s ok (not really) because they’ve released a  available on CD and as a digital download.

Listen to A Punk Rock Love Letter to the Music of Prince below: