LISTEN: Dry Summers – “Tonight Will Be Fine”

My experience with Leonard Cohen extends primarily to his classic Songs of Love and Hate, which I unflinchingly love. In fact, if the song Diamonds in the Mine (once covered by the legendary Bastro) doesn’t bring some joy into your heart, what with Cohen’s drunken rant and 70s style country leads, then I don’t want to know you. So we’re all a little richer to have Tonight Will Be Fine, another Cohen cover, performed here by Dry Summers out in the ether. It’s got that same kind of driving Am Gold sound that so informs the best and warmest of Cohen’s work, and Dry Summers pull it off in all it’s righteous glory. Now I want to dig deeper in their catalog -both Cohen and Dry Summers- and that’s a power move if there ever was one, like they’ve just planted an idea. We’ve all been incepted, y’all.

Seriously though, if this doesn’t make you want to drink a Summer Shandy and water ski, you’re doing it wrong. This is good times and light oldies. This is why summer was invented, probably by some geek scientists like a hundred years ago, so that you could sweat out all the bogus from the winter. And Dry Summers deliver the goods here with a cover that has a little bit of that Plan-It-X pop punk swagger blended with fuzzed out psychedelia and even a hint of classic country. It’s a pretty boss combo that makes for an easy

You can listen to the original here (this recorder solo is fucking killing me) and check out the Dry Summers version below. Get into it!