WATCH: Jack Harlow – “Ice Cream”

Today Jack Harlow just made the ice cream man seem like a baller. Don’t think for a second that this dude with a body like Grimace isn’t down for some Ice Cream, but Harlow makes it look as cool as it feels in your hand. The premise here is that kids are going to creep on this dude as soon as he rolls through, because he’s got the goods. Spoiler alert: he does. This track is dope and the visuals are fun. If this doesn’t make you want to ride on the roof of a van, then I don’t know what will. Frankly, why isn’t that more of a priority in your life anyway? Just get on the van and be a clown.

The video is simple, but fun. Harlow and pals ride around in an ice cream van and holler at a camera in the distance, omnisciently watching as they roll through the neighborhood like the all-seeing, all-knowing god that it is. Apparently they rolled to a swimming pool that, despite being kind of gross looking, they were still ready to party at. I can respect that. This kid has loads of style. I never thought I’d think to myself “what a cool shirt with ice cream on it,” but here we are. Yes, I think things like that and exactly in that kind of simpleton tone.

Watch it below and get into it. Check him out this Saturday at the Mercury Ballroom and pick up a copy of his mixtape 18′ this Friday at all the places you can get that stuff. Like the internet, you know. Get into it.