NN PODCAST: Anthony Esposito from White Reaper talks about the band’s new record, the weirdness of Gary, Indiana & more!

The 30th episode of the Never Nervous Podcast features a thought provoking chat with none other than Anthony Esposito, singer/guitarist from White Reaper.  Listen as we talk about the band’s upcoming record, Tony Hawk, and the weirdness of Gary, Indiana all while guzzling down a copious offering of delicious beer!   Anthony also pulls back the curtain a bit to reveal the origin story behind the band’s name! Listen to the show below, or download it on iTunes.  While you’re there, subscribe to our show and give us a rating if really care about our feelings and general wellbeing.

WORTH MENTIONING: This is one of three episodes recorded at Great Flood, a most excellent brewery in the Highlands responsible for some of the finest brews in town.

This episode of the Never Nervous Podcast is sponsored by RECBAR, Louisville’s first and only arcade bar. For more information on RECBAR, go here.