LISTEN: Golden Dead – “Blind Wizard”

As part of Record Store Day two months ago, garage rock band Golden Dead released a CD single featuring their song “Blind Wizard” that was limited to only 25 copies.  What’s that? You didn’t get a copy?  FRET NOT!  This rockin’ tune is currently available as a digital download at the band’s Bandcamp page.  Well, mostly anyway, as the B-side is a cover of Motorhead’s “Killed By Death” that apparently Bandcamp wouldn’t allow to be featured.  To combat this, Golden Dead put the song up on their Soundcloud page where it is currently streaming, but apparently not available to download.

As a stand alone track, “Blind Wizard” is a barrage of eardrum exploding garage punk that begs to be played at a high volume.  The guitar riffs remain simple with a thick and chunky, and when you couple that with the shouty vocals and upbeat, heavy drumming this shit is easily comparable to something you might hear from Karp.  In other words, this noise makes me want to kick down a fucking door and smash a PBR tall boy across my Cro-Magnon forehead!

Listen to “Blind Wizard” and their cover of Motorhead’s “Killed By Death” below: