BECAUSE YOU MISSED IT: Joann Jene tells you about The Joy Formidable show at Mercury Ballroom 6/8

Maybe it was the magic of unexpectedly getting to go to a show, or maybe it was the excitement of having a drop-dead gorgeous woman who was lucky enough to win the tickets, ask me to be her date, either way, The Joy Formidable show at Mercury Ballroom Wednesday night was nothing short of phenomenal!

I had heard of the band before and my friend/bandmate/roommate Megan had heard a couple songs, but neither of us knew that we were about to experience such an incredible performance by such a talented group of musicians! I must say that we ended up missing the opening act, which rarely happens, but it did. We got caught up in conversation, somehow got lost and missed them, so let’s all just try to let it go and move on 😉

As soon as we walked in, I knew that the audience was made up primarily of genuine fans because there wasn’t anyone milling around the bar area talking. We grabbed some drinks and made our way up to the front, stage left. I found it really interesting and very cool that the crowd was made up of such a broad range of ages — from early 20s to maybe 60s or older. People were definitely into the band, but there wasn’t a ton of people moving around overall. That’s when we were drawn to an awesome group of ladies up front who were rocking out and dancing around like rock n roll maniacs (Our kind of people)! Not long into the set, the band actually had them shine a spotlight on our lively crew and gave a shout out, and we all went nuts!

And now to the main attraction: I was absolutely mesmerized by the band, especially Rhiannon “Ritzy” Bryan – Wow, wow, WOW, talk about an incredible frontmam! The first thing that really blew me away was her guitar playing – holy smokes she was rocking out, playing some serious solo shit and not even looking down or blinking an eye. Her confidence was inspiring, plus, she is seriously smoking hot! Her voice, her lyrics, everything about her had Megan and I completely blown away! Several times during the show I told Megan that I thought fate had brought us to the show to see that band in particular, it was meant to be! Rhydian Dafydd, who plays bass and sings, was also so incredible and charismatic. At one point he started playing drums with the drummer (Matthew James Thomas) and everyone went NUTS! It only took a few songs in before Megan and I were losing our shit with all the other awesome ladies up front. Also, the drummer had this big beautiful gong and it just resonated through you when he hit it!

There is nothing more magical (to me) than hearing a band for the first time live at a show, and this is definitely one of the best blind musical experiences I’ve ever had. We became 100% instant fans and I cannot wait to check out all their albums! It was also really awesome that we made some new friends who we will hopefully get to dance and go nuts with again in the future!

Thanks to Megan for choosing me to take to such an amazing show, and thanks to Never Nervous for having the ticket giveaway!

Watch a few videos of The Joy Formidable performing at Mercury Ballroom taken by YouTube user Virginia Jones below:

This post was guest-written by our friend Joann Jene who plays guitar/sings in/fronts Joann + The Dakota. For more information on her and her most excellent band, go here.