LISTEN: Billy Nelson – “We Could Be Friends”

Were you looking for something kind of danceable and that had that Prince like flair for the dramatic? Well, you’re in look with We Could Be Friends by Billy Nelson. Far removed from his work as Whistle Peak cofounder, Nelson’s solo work veers into beat heavy rhythms that lean hard on 80’s pop. You can picture Nelson wearing a power glove and shades, blasting the fuck out of a keytar, his leg up on the PA and the wind sweeping his flowing mane in the back, that one earring catching the light in just the right way. While Nelson believes this is Phil Collins moment, there is somehow more of a rock star presence here, that kind of self-confidence that Collins had to struggle to obtain; I’m guessing that making millions off your music will do that, and I imagine Nelson hasn’t had that luxury, so you do the math.

You can listen below and I dare you not to nod your head. Turn on the neon lights and put your headband on motherfuckers, because you’re in for a ride.