LISTEN: The Pass – “Canyons”

Hell yeah, to the yeah, yeah, yeah. Synth indie poppers The Pass have returned today with an 80s-tastic new single, debuting today courtesy of Never Nervous. In anticipation of their upcoming album of the same name which drops next Saturday, June 11th courtesy of Sonablast records. You can snag an early copy of the album at their release show this Saturday at the Haymarket Whisky with Stereo Empire and Ed Monk, and dig into the track below.

Tell me that this doesn’t come off like the montage music in a movie from your childhood. This is exactly the kind of music that you train to, so that you can beat the neighborhood bully in a dance off to save the community center, all while trying to win over that special someone, who in my case (for my childhood) would’ve been a “nerd” until they took of their glasses and made their hair big and dumb. That’s when you get how cool looks, right? It goes without saying that there is a lot of energy here, with a dynamic that favors getting you off your ass and moving. You can draw comparisons between Canyons and bands like Chk Chk Chk or even The Rapture, that kind of dance punk fire that draws equally from punk, indie, funk, and disco. And it’s awesome.

Despite the fact that I’m an English major and music writer, I’m often as in the dark about what a song is about as anyone else. So what’s the story here? Music is subjective and not everything has a definitive meaning, so where should this take you? According to guitarist/vocalist Kyle Peters, “Canyons is about being overwhelmed by the irregularities and stresses of the world, and the desire to find a special person to escape with. In this case the escape is stepping off of the side of a canyon together. Favorite line, ‘I want to be as old as your last breath.’ Also like the juxtaposition of dark lyrics with really joyful melodies.”

Listen below and get ready to catch them live.