LISTEN: House Ghost – “You Should Go” Ft. Eons D

House Ghost is back with a new track this time grabbing Eons D for vocals. An uptempo and fun pop track, “You Should Go” is infectious and as fit for summertime as anything I’ve heard. Underneath the shiny, happy sonics though I detect a little bit of a critical take on the way shows are promoted in town. Eons keys in on selling tickets for an upcoming show and it sounds like he’s poking fun at lazy promoters. After Eons’ sales pitch a new idea is inserted, “This town used to be a showdown, we almost headed for the west coast.”

Has the barrier to entry for playing in Louisville significantly lowered? Is opening for ‘so and so’ enough of a credential that people ought to snatch up tickets to said artist’s next show? Blade sharpens blade and competition keeps us all on point. House Ghost reminds us just because you do a thing, doesn’t necessarily mean the thing is being done well. If I completely missed the point of this song and you feel I’m an embecile, well… you should go (to hell).