LISTEN: Softcheque – “Nina the Seamonster”

Are you ready for some dream pop!? A Wednesday afternoon par-tay! Yep: you are hereby required to read that in the voice of Bocephus. Here we are talking about Softcheque (the royal we, mind you), the dreamiest and perhaps most twee indie group in town, and I’m evoking the image of Hank Williams Jr., primarily because my brain is wired up like one of those garbage robots from Transformers: The Movie, where I constantly make dumb pop-culture connections where really there ought be none.

With “Nina the Seamonster,” the trio announce their long overdue return, and it’s a delightful affair. This is music to fuel the imagination of children, easy and as soft as the name might imply, the kind of fantasy that Shel Silverstein or Roald Dahl might write. Here you’ll find equal elements of Stereolab and Jarboe, playful, but with the slightest hint of darkness, the sort that you might find in The Dark Crystal or Labyrinth, fuel to stoke a young imagination. There is an undeniable youthfulness here that carries the song to it’s storybook ending. It’s nice, and fortunately has nothing to do with Hank Williams Jr., because that guy is a jerk, and these guys are not.

Listen to Nina the Seamonster below and get into it.