PODCAST: Twin Limb talk about writing new music, tour stories and Lacey’s love of Billy Joel!

Photo by Miranda Hellman

The 28th episode of the Never Nervous Podcast features a fun conversation we had with dreamy indie rock trio Twin Limb. Lacey Guthrie, Maryliz Bender and Kevin Ratterman were all kind enough to join us to talk about a number of things including the band’s writing process, the music they’ve been making lately, a few tour stories and more!

WORTH MENTIONING: This is one of three episodes recorded at Great Flood, a most excellent brewery in the Highlands responsible for some fantastic brews.  However, it was the only one that was recorded while the brewery was actually open so there is a bit of background noise.  This episode is also the only one of the three (or only one ever) where we attempted to use a room mic to record myself (Phil) Jake and Syd, so our voices are a bit inconsistent.

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This episode of the Never Nervous Podcast is sponsored by RECBAR, Louisville’s first and only arcade bar. For more information on RECBAR, go here.