LISTEN: The Kentucky Vampires – “The Kentucky Vampires”

Now this is what I’m talking about: A self proclaimed “death rock” band that call themselves The Kentucky Vampires. How fucking appropriate! This noise scratches my proverbial goth itch that is normally satisfied by bands like Type 0 Negative, a group I’m easily reminded of while listening to The Kentucky Vampires.  Singer Albie Mason sounds eerily similar to Peter Steele as he manages to catch the same sort of brooding, morose attitude through his deep, bassy vocals.  Musically, they play like a rock and roll set up renditioning their take on 80’s horror punk.

These fellas are currently streaming a pair of songs that will eventually end up on a record.  I have no details on their upcoming effort, but I must say that these two tracks have my attention.  Listen below:

ALSO WORTH YOUR TIME: Check out a nice video of The Kentucky Vampires performing at House of Blood below: