WATCH: Howell Dawdy – “Because You’re A Man”

I’m not going to lie. I’m a Howell Dawdy fan. He’s a unique character in music. Seriously, there’s no body in the music industry that he can be compared too. He has an interesting way with words, and his jokes are so far out that I can’t even imagine where the ideas must have come from, which leads me to his newest video. “Because You’re A Man” is Howell’s take on contemporary butt-country. It’s a genre I never expected from him, which is why I probably should have expected it from him. Still, most of his videos are hilarious and non-threatening like, “Fire Extinguisher” or “Summer Creams,” but this video leans a little toward the upsetting side… in a good way.

This video is about a made-up tradition of swallowing beer cans whole that is passed down through generations of a family. It’s an absolutely ridiculous idea that had me almost in tears laughing, but watching these cans get stuck in peoples throats and seeing their feet twitch as they shove them down probably won’t be an easy watch for somebody with a weak stomach. If you can stomach it however, it’s totally worth it. Seeing Howell Dawdy dressed like a stunt double for Brooks & Dunn is a joy that everyone should experience. Watching him gently turn the Coor’s Light label to face the camera as he smiles in his cowboy hat like the worst beer commercial you’ve ever seen is a delight I didn’t know I needed in my life. Thank you, Howell.

Indulge in Howell Dawdy’s “Because You’re A Man” a little at a time, I wouldn’t want our readers to choke on it.