WATCH: Khali Ma’at and The Kodan Armada LIVE at Aslan’s How back in 2002!

Thanks to our friend Jamie Miller, a VHS tape with some most excellent Louisville hardcore footage has surfaced. The cassette features a pair of full sets at Aslan’s How from now-defunct bands Khali Ma’at and The Kodan Armada that happened in 2002, both groups of which disbanded in the early to mid 2000’s. This video is particularly special to us Never Nervous folks, as three of us were in Khali Ma’at at one point. I (Phil) formed the band with my brother Anthony and Mike Lewis in 2000; I played drums, my brother played guitar and Mike shouted things into a microphone. Over time we had a slew of bass players including NN dudes Syd Bishop (who is in this video) and Jake Hellman. We were heavily influenced by Coalesce, a band I still consider to be responsible for some of the baddest fucking noise I’ve ever heard.

As circumstance would have it, this was actually the last show Khali Ma’at would play as the band would break up shortly after before releasing a record that was being recorded. Oh, for the love of all things holy I wish those recordings still existed.  But alas, they are gone forever, like Luke Skywalker’s right hand.

As for The Kodan Armada, what more can I say about them that hasn’t been said already?  Their brand of aggressive, emotional hardcore was truly original making them impossible for Louisville’s punk/hardcore scene to ignore.  They truly were a fucking force to be reckoned with, and at the time their live shows were so wildly emotional and energetic that it was almost inconceivable not to develop a hunger for what they were cooking.

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EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS: As I mentioned before, Jamie Miller is the man behind the camera on this, and thanks to him for holding on to this VHS tape for 14+ years.  Cheers!